Customer benefits

Scale advantage – possibility to upscale from small test series to produce final products for you or for your customer.  Mill scale quantities and conditions with quick market entry – quick customer feedback.

Low financial risks - testing and production under realistic conditions with high efficiencies and without large investments at the process and product development phase. 

Excellent location – KCL pilot plant is located in Otaniemi, a bioprocessing hub including laboratory services, university and research organizations all located within 15 mins from central Helsinki.

Confidentiality – no research knowledge is shared with other parties, KCL focuses in serving as an infrastructure no own research. Customer has the flexibility in choosing the right research partners.

Professional process designing support – a flexible and customizable environment for designing coupled with process build-up services. Customers need to find unique and innovative products and KCL meets that need.

No start-up barriers – Personnel, facilities, machinery, storage and logistical services at your service when needed. No costs during the down-time.


Basic facts

  • Providing pilot and laboratory services
  • Limited company founded 1916
  • Limited company owned by the Finnish pulp, paper and board industries


  • Innovativeness
  • Exceeding customer expectations
  • Confidentiality
  • Achieving targets
  • Responsibility for people and the environment
  • Mutual respect


KCL Pilot Plant offers pilot services for the paper and packaging value chain. We work to support our customers in developing their existing products, coupled with introducing totally new products based on biomaterials.

Confidentiality Policy

KCL's Confidentiality Policy describes the successful way that we use and protect the information that is connected to our customers or their business operations.

  • When producing or handling information we control who is authorized to access that information within KCL and outside
  • Measures to continuously improve information access and disclosure are a key part of the systematic development of our operations and competence
  • KCL's Confidentiality Policy is available to our customers. Please ask your contact person at KCL.


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