KCL Acquires Curtain Coating Unit

Dec 7, 2017
As part of KCL’s goal to expand its wide range of pilot services, KCL has acquired a complete curtain coating unit. In late November 2017 an agreement was concluded by KCL to purchase the curtain coating unit from PTS. Accordingly, PTS structural changes included the closure of its pilot coater in Munich, Germany.


The curtain coating unit consists of a three-layer-slide-die delivered by TSE Troller and all other auxiliary equipment needed to provide curtain coating trials to KCL’s customers.
In comparison to other coating methods, due to the non-contact coating method, the curtain coater provides a homogeneous and perfect contour coating layer in combination with enhanced runnability. The multilayer-coating offers the opportunity to reduce the number of coating stations and the coating can be divided in up to three layers, each with optimized properties.

KCL is the leading diversified pilot services provider in Espoo, Finland. “After this investment we have all the major coating units including a unique spray coating unit. KCL can offer a comprehensive chain of services from coating to calendering, printing, sample handling and laboratory analysis cost effective under one roof. The synergy and timing for the acquisition of the curtain coating unit, coupled with our objective to increase our services was perfect,” says Raimo Pollari, KCL Pilot Plant Director.

The curtain coater will be installed into the KCL Pilot Coater early next year and the first customer trials are estimated to be done by spring 2018.

For further information please contact Raimo Pollari, phone +358 40 766 6539