We Actively Participate

May 15, 2020

Did you know that KCL actively participates in the international standardization work?

KCL takes part in the international standardization of ISO through the national standardization body Kemesta. We participate actively in development and updating of international standards, technical specifications and technical reports in the areas of Paper, Board and Pulp.

As our customer, you have the possibility to influence and have an impact on existing standards and influence new standardization work, by contacting us.

As examples on the current standardization activities, KCL is participating in a group working on a technical report on lab refining, "Basic guidelines for laboratory refining", and in a group developing a new standard proposal for producing tablets of cellulose nanomaterials for optical property measurements. Moreover, we also participate in the periodical updating of several ISO standards.

For more information, please contact Eva Sandås or Maiju Aikala.