Biomaterial processing

Research related to mechanical pulping has a long tradition at KCL. KCL's pilot-scale equipment covers the manufacture of refiner mechanical or chemi-mechanical pulps (TMP, CTMP). KCL fiber and biomaterial processes offer an excellent environment for testing all kinds of biomaterials with the opportunity to customize and upscale processes to the production phase

KCL stock preparation system can be used and modified to meet various demands of many processes using bio-based materials. With the support of our process designing crew it is easy to connect the customer’s own technology to our existing environment. The goal is to produce demonstration samples or innovative new products. Tank capacity from 1 -100 mᵌ enables many liquid based applications to be produced commercially.


  • Waste material refining
  • Wood based material refining
  • Thermochemical reactions
  • Side-stream materials
  • Process development
  • Pilot production

Markets / technologies

  • Paper and board industry
  • Biotechnology
  • Materials & Chemicals
  • Energy industry
  • Food industry
  • Textile industry


  • 1 pcs 4mᵌ pressurized 8 bar reactor
  • 1 pcs TMP/CTMP refiner
  • 1 pcs slusher
  • 3 pcs LC refiners
  • 1 pcs filter press
  • 1 pcs disc filter
  • 1 pcs drum filter
  • 1 pcs screw press
  • 13 pcs atmospheric tanks with mixers
  • steam heating
  • automation system
  • data acquisition system
Biomaterial processing


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