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KCL's Pilot Coater is designed to meet the stringent demands of modern coating trials. KCL Pilot Services offers coating facilities in which coating trials can be conducted effectively and under realistic conditions.

The most important feature is the ability to minimize the consumption of base paper, other raw materials and energy in every step of the trial. KCL offers also its expertise and facilities to support trials under the same roof.

KCL has all the latest coating systems used today in the industry:

  • Roll applicator (blade/rod)
  • SDTA (blade/rod)
  • Optiblade +
  • Jet application (OpticoatJet) (blade/rod)
  • MSP (Opti-Sizer)
  • 3-layer curtain
  • Spray +

Advanced on-line measurement equipment guarantees the reliability of the trials for a wide range of base paper and coating colors. KCL Pilot Coater has also a versatile and well equipped coating color kitchen.

During the trial several samples are taken from each coating color for analysis. The coater is equipped with an advanced process data acquisition system, which produces comprehensive reports on the machine conditions.

Coated paper rolls can be calendered and printed at KCL. The measurement service for coating color and coated paper covers all standard measurements as well as several special measurements.



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