Testing of board

Testing of paper, board and packaging

The development of paper, board and packaging is focused on new material combinations and new unit operations and technologies for adding value on fiber-based substrates in the converting processes and packaging applications.

At KCL, we offer you a wide competence base for testing paper, board and packaging materials according to ISO, TAPPI and SCAN methods. We support customers in developing their existing products and introducing totally new end-products based on biomaterials. We also have a large variety of KCL methods developed according to customer needs. Contact us to find a suitable solution for testing of your own product.

Our accredited laboratory (T295) has a world class portfolio of testing capabilities. For planning the testing and analyses of your materials, our expertise can be fully utilized and the value of the results acquired can substantially benefit your products.

We provide

  • Trouble shooting of pulp and paper making processes
  • Testing of paper, board and packaging
  • Testing of barrier properties
  • Testing permanence of paper
  • Recyclability testing
  • Pulp, fiber and paper microscopy
  • Printability testing
  • Quality assurance of materials and paper testing devices



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