Pressurized Groundwood Pulp (PGW)

The PGW station offers flexible facilities to evaluate the suitability of different raw materials, the impact of process parameters (e.g. GW-, PGW, PGW-S) and effect of different chemicals for the production of pulps for various printing grades and boards.

Usage of machinery

Grinding trials offer an environmental, economical and qualitative extra-value.
The target can be for example:

  • Research aimed at energy saving
  • Pulp quality improvement
  • Raw material evaluation
  • Grinding stone comparisons
  • Process comparisons

The PGW station is operated using a Valmet Damatic control system. PGW station is equipped with a complete acquisition and reporting system for the main refining parameters.

Further pulp processing

The KCL PGW station enables pulp production for screening and paper making trials.

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