TMP/CTMP refining

KCL pilot scale high consistency refiner offers a great platform for researching and analyzing new solutions or improving your existing processes. Produced material amount can be from small laboratory samples to many tons for conducting paper machine trials.

Usage of machinery

The TMP/CTMP station can be used for a wide range of high yield pulping processes, including:

  • Chip refining
  • Reject refining
  • Refining of DIP
  • Refining of semichemical pulps
  • Refiner bleaching

Refining trial can offer an environmental, economical and qualitative extra-value. The target can be for example:

  • Research aimed at energy saving
  • Pulp quality improvement
  • Raw material evaluation
  • Segment comparisons
  • Process comparisons

Required amount of chips for one stage refining is 400 kg (oven dry) and for two or three stage refining 500 – 600 kg.

The refiner is operated using a Valmet Damatic control system. TMP/CTMP station is equipped with a complete acquisition and reporting system for the main refining parameters.

Chemical treatment

There are several options for chemical treatment of chips or pulp:

  • In digester which has direct and in-direct steam heating
  • In process by applying the chemical solution to a screw conveyor before the pre-heater
  • In the pre-heater, that allows use of specific reaction temperature and time
  • Chemicals can also be fed into the refiner right between the plates

Further pulp processing

The pulp produced by the TMP station can be screened and the rejects thickened at the stock preparation station. The rejects can be refined again at high or low consistency. Refined rejects and the screening accepts can be mixed and the pulp can be run on the pilot paper machine. The resulting paper can be coatedcalendered and printed at the KCL Pilot Plant.

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