Pilot trial Services


All coating technologies under one roof

KCL coating services provide valuable insight and information about coating performance in mill type of production process

KCL coating services is fully accustomed to develop new barrier products, replace plastic components in the recipes with bio-based alternatives and test new raw materials and technologies.

Our pilot coating line is an excellent environment to test even the most unusual and eccentric ideas without the risk of disturbing the actual mill production process.

Coating kitchen

The versatile and well-equipped coating color kitchen is the base for successful pilot coating trials.

Film transfer

Double sided surface sizing and pigmenting with Optisizer. Separate coating color circulations for top and bottom. Spray coating option.

Combi station

A highly flexible combi station; e.g. roll and jet application combined with Optiblade or rod metering. Spray coating option.

Curtain coating station

KCL's newest coating station: the 3-layer curtain coating that facilitates tailored functional coating layers. Temperature controlled 3-layer slide die curtain coating with effective deaeration.

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