Laboratory Services

Laboratory refining of pulp

Services that create new and sustainable bio-based products

Voith refiner fillings

Simulating mill refining in laboratory scale

We provide quality control and benchmarking of pulp, offer refining of various types pulps and testing of trial pulp samples. Our LC-refiner also enables production of MFC and serves as a robust platform for testing different refining aids and enzymes.

Our laboratory has a Voith Laboratory refiner with multiple filling options and a PFI mill. Our experts assist in selecting the most suitable refining conditions tailored to your specific pulps.

Wide range of pulp characterization analysis

  • Drainability, CSF
  • Drainability, SR number
  • Water retention value, WRV
  • Microscopy fiber characterization
  • Fiber length distribution
  • Zeta potential
  • Shives content
  • McNett fractionation
  • Sheet preparation

In addition to standard testing methods, we have developed a broad variety of in-house staining and microscopy techniques. Our experts assist with analysis planning and provide detailed interpretation of the measurement results.

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