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KCL Laboratory services supports your research activities by providing analysis of biomaterials, process waters and recovery sample.

large variety of titrimetric and spectrophotometric methods

Customer cases

Analysis of biomaterials: Wood, pulps and non-woods

We can support your research activities with comprehensive analysis of various biomaterials. We employ SCAN-, ISO- and NREL -approved methods and we also develop custom methods to meet specific customer needs. 

Our analysis includes standard tests such as ash, kappa, and viscosity. Additionally, we offer carbohydrate analysis, lignin extractives analysis, and water-soluble anions. Metal analysis is subcontracted.

Analysis of process waters

Our analysis of process waters includes basic properties like pH, conductivity, suspended solids and turbidity.  Additionally, analysis of CODCr, Anions (Cl, F, NO3, SO4, PO4), TOC, DOC, TIC, carbonate, lignin and carbohydrates are available. We can also offer elemental analysis (subcontracted).

Analysis recovery samples

Analysis of recovery samples consist of a large variety of gravimetric, titrimetric, spectrophotometric, pyrolytic and ion chromatographic methods. The results serve as the foundation for process design, mill operations monitoring and assist in trouble shooting.

Black liquor analysis
White and green liquor analysis

In addition, we offer analyses of other process liquids such as effluents, soap, tall oil as well as solid samples like lime, lime sludge, esp ash and dregs. For black, white and green liquor, as well as condensates, we provide analyses required for REACH registration.

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