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Recyclability & biodegradability

Services that create new and sustainable bio-based products

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We provide customers recyclability and biodegradability testing of new sustainable materials

At KCL we can perform small and large scale repulpability testing, 250 g up to 1.5 kg. We also have in-house methods for testing usability of the recycled fibers and for testing potential stickiness of the recycled fiber. KCL’s Voith lab refiner enables large scale repulpability methods and testing the usability of the recycled material. 

KCL together with multiple actors from the entire paper value chain has participated in the development of the CEPI European harmonized recyclability testing method. The CEPI recyclability laboratory test method and evaluation protocol is now released and KCL can provide assessment of recyclability according the method. 

Our standard methods for recyclability testing include:


Biodegradability testing

 We also offer biodegradability tests (home compostability) to support development of new materials. The used method is a much lighter testing compared to the complete EN 13432  or EN ISO 16929 (modif.) and it is optimal for “quick and dirty” screening of  best candidates among a larger set of samples for further evaluation. We don’t provide biodegradability certificates.

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