Pilot trial Services


All coating technologies under one roof, from laboratory to full scale pilot

KCL coating services provide valuable insight and information about coating performance in mill type of production process

KCL coating services is fully accustomed to developing new barrier products, replacing plastic components in the recipes with bio-based alternatives and testing new raw materials and technologies.

Depending on the phase and scale of your coating development, KCL can support you in numerous ways. We have experience from thousands of pilot coating trials and laboratry analyses, and our coating service platform covers the widest range of different application techniques from laboratory to full scale pilot.

Co-operation opportunities

  • Coating recipe development basing on the end-use target setting
  • Recipe optimisation prior to mill implementation
  • New bio-based and biodegradable raw materials replacing non-biodegradable components
  • Coating technology comparison
  • Trouble shooting
  • Novel barrier concepts
  • Combination of functional coating layers

Coating kitchen

The versatile and well-equipped coating color kitchen is the base for successful pilot coating trials.

Laboratory Coating

New coating recipe development starts at laboratory scale.

Semi-pilot scale coating

Pre-screening of the most potential coating recipes.

Full scale pilot coating

Verification of the coating recipes in industrial scale production conditions.

Laboratory analyses

Testing of coating color and coated samples to ensure quality and consistency.

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