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KCL Biomaterials

Novel bio-based materials

KCL has developed proprietary technologies to produce novel biomaterials, especially for paper & board industry. 


Our product portfolio includes (1) natural hydrophobizing agent KCL Biowax dispersion, (2) microfibrillated cellulose refined from non-wood sidestreams, and (3) chemically functionalized cellulose nanofibers.

These materials have high potential in sizing, strength improvement, barrier function and improved coatings for various paper and board products. Various synthetic chemicals and fossil-based plastics can be fully replaced in the end-products, reaching 100% biodegrability and high sustainability. KCL is open for joint development projects related to these materials either in paper&board area or in other applications.

KCL Biowax

KCL Biowax is a water-based dispersion of natural wax, stabilized by microfibrillar cellulose.

KCL Microfibrillated cellulose

The product is made of industrial agro sidestream, sugar beet pulp, a side product from sugar industry.

KCL Cellulose nanofibers

With KCL technology, individual cellulose nanofibers can be extracted from wood-based raw materials.

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