Laboratory Services

Culture-independent microbiology

Services supporting your process microbial control and product hygiene

KCL microbiology services provide reliable measurement of microbial activity and community structure to validate the efficacy of control actions also with closing water cycles and recycled raw materials

We apply culture-independent microbiological methods, as in authentic processes with microbe control, microbes prevail in non-culturable state. VBNC (‘viable but non-culturable’) state means that microbes retain their viability and potential virulence, but are no longer captured by standard cultivation methods.

We measure quantitatively and accurately

from virgin/circulated raw waters and materials, process waters/compartments, additives, coatings and end products.

We help you to fasten your storage circulation with culture-independent methods instead of waiting for the cultivation results for several days or even longer.  

We also carry out tailored shelf-life studies to assess how long your product stays safe and how long the packaging protects the material, such as food or pharma, inside the package.

Anu Kettunen
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