Pilot trial Services

Heatset offset

Comprehensive printing house at your service

The 4-color heatset offset printing press is fitted with a wide range of online data collection

KCL HSWO print trial service provides advanced tools to get more out of KCL pilot coating trials. It is also recommended as a regular mill quality follow-up or in urgent complaint handling cases. Printing process parameters can be adjusted and the effects monitored with online and off-line measurements, for e.g., ink type, fountain solution and ink feed, web tension, drying temperatures and printing speed. Print layouts can be tailored for the specific requirements of each customer.

KCL HSWO Test printing methods

At KCL printing services appropriate test printing methods together with quick and flexible service are unique strengths and benefits on offer to clients. For example, when the amount of paper is critical, KCL has the knowledge and expertise to prepare printing reels for the trial.

During the trial phase, the customer is able to get immediate visual feedback on the printability and print quality while analyzing together with KCL’s skilled experts. After the trial, print quality can be analyzed at KCL laboratory using standard print quality measurements as well as several specialized measurements.

Mikko Mensonen
Head of Printing Services
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