KCL BIOHUB – The Competence Cluster for Industrial Biomaterials

KCL hosts the BIOHUB cluster tailored for the biomaterials sector. BIOHUB offers a dedicated space for testing, piloting, and laboratory facilities. Business Finland support facilitates investments, corporate cooperation, and competence development in material handling, processing, extraction, drying, and waste treatment. KCL’s future location enables the expansion of BIOHUB for RDI activities across various businesses.                

KCL  made a strategical decision to invest in the service offering development for the biomaterials sector by diversifying the available biomaterial equipment infrastructure. The diversifying was started in 2023 and will continue in 2024-2025 when KCL will relocate its Piloting and Laboratory services to the new premises in the capital region. The current premises in Otaniemi, Espoo are at the end of their life cycle and do not allow further expansion of operations. When the relocation project progresses, we will provide more detailed information and highlight the opportunities for industry players.

Coupled with the relocation, the aim is to offer, in addition to the services and operations of KCL, a location for other biomaterial industry players with a specific need for testing/piloting and/or laboratory facilities. Currently, several biomaterial technology companies operate at KCL premises. The new location offers a unique possibility to further expand the versatile BIOHUB cluster which supports the innovation and development activities of the different businesses. BIOHUB cluster will become the most significant multi-company expertise cluster in the bioproduct sector in Europe.

Business Finland decided to support KCL application for the Innovation Infrastructures funding program. This program from 2023 to 2025 significantly facilitates the investment in the infrastructure, corporate cooperation and competence development. A crucial part of the Business Finland project is the cooperation and inclusion of different operators.  In addition to improving company cooperation, Business Finland support will be used to diversify the cluster’s customer services equipment, e.g. in material handling, chemical processing and reactions, extraction, drying and waste treatment.

We invite and welcome your company to join BIOHUB and be part of this unique innovation cluster. The membership is free-of-charge, open to all potential partners and provides access to

  • General networking opportunities of the cluster
  • The development of cooperation and services within the cluster
  • The member information at the web page of the cluster
  • Internal communication of the cluster

The pricing of the cluster services is the same for members and non-members, based on market prices. KCL general agreement conditions are applied to the cluster services. Joining the cluster, and potential resignation from it, occurs by sending a written announcement.

At this point, we hope your company will notify us of becoming a member of the BIOHUB cluster.

For more information contact: 

Marko Lauraeus
+358 45 673 4159

Anu Kettunen
Coordinator of BIOHUB cluster
+358 40 511 2144