KCL can help you to create new bio-based barrier products

KCL supports all phases of barrier coating development with the wide-ranging experience from thousands of pilot trials and laboratory analyses. Our coating services platform is uniquely comprehensive, offering a wide range of different application techniques from laboratory to full scale pilot.

Our laboratory coating services include small-scale preparation of coating colors, a draw-down coater with rod metering, and various assessments for both coating colors and the coated samples. Additionally, other application concepts, such as spray coating, can be constructed according to the specific needs and targets of your project. Typically, in laboratory-scale trials the sample volumes are limited to a few liters.

The outcomes of laboratory trials can be further evaluated on a smaller pilot scale, utilizing sample volumes of approximately 10–50-liters. At this scale, KCL offers options like flexographic application with banded anilox rolls. This technique enables the simultaneous application of four different coating color amounts in single pass. Additionally, there are options using roll application & rod metering, or gravure and reverse gravure application & blade metering as alternative coating application methods.

After completing initial assessments, coating color formulations can be evaluated in full-scale production conditions. At KCL, we offer a versatile pilot dispersion coating line equipped with all common application stations, including a film size press, roll and jet application, spray coating, and curtain coating. Usually, approximately 200 liters of coating color are used during a full-scale pilot trial.

For your trials we offer customizable packages for laboratory analyses. Coating colors and coated samples can be analyzed with standard quality measurements as well as several specialized measurements including barrier properties, heat sealability and recyclability.

Moreover, the coated sheets and reels can be calendered, slitted, rewound or cut for further converting at KCL finishing department.

We are happy to provide consultancy support in planning the trial programs, making conclusions and offering recommendations based on the results. Most fruitful development projects cover the whole development chain from laboratory to full-scale production.

Let’s innovate together and enhance the competitiveness of your product in the expanding bio-based barrier products market.

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