KCL partner in a new innovation ecosystem for recyclable bio-based consumer products

The EU funded project INN-PRESSME aims at replacing petroleum-based goods with bio-based products.

The project will function as an ecosystem involving the development of recyclable and/or biodegradable packaging, energy, and vehicle solutions and other consumer goods. The ecosystem offers companies the possibility to reduce risks linked with developing new products and to accelerate market access.

INN-PRESSME will develop and implement a sustainable Open Innovation Test Bed to support European companies to scale up their nano-enabled biomaterials and processes.

KCL’s role in the project is to provide and develop its already existing wide range of services of recycling testing for fiber-based materials.

The project involves 27 European organizations from nine European countries. The core of the new INNPRESSME ecosystem is comprised of pilot devices owned by ten European partners. The services of the ecosystem make it possible to develop new high value add products that are recyclable and biodegradable, or solutions that replace oil-based products.

For more information please contact Eva Sandås, +358 40 738 7842.