We are excited to welcome Matilda Martin as our newest Customer Service Manager.

Meet Matilda Martin (M. Sc., Tech.) our latest addition to our Laboratory Services Team. With a background in binder and paper coating development Martin will bring a wealth of hands-on experience to strengthen our laboratory coating and paper & paper board testing services.

As our new Customer Service Martin is dedicated to helping our clients to meet their product development goals by aiding with their laboratory coating projects.

In our laboratory we can perform small-scale coating projects with our draw-down coater, equipped with several metering rods. Moreover, we have the possibility to prepare coating colors and assist in their formulation. We additionally offer in-depth analysis of the essential coating color properties, including water retention, pH, rheology and surface tension.

To facilitate these measurements, our laboratory is equipped with an ACA AX 100 viscometer with the possibility to measure viscosities at high shear rates. Additionally, surface tension determinations are possible with the Krüss Force Tensiometer (K20). Both instruments can provide key insights into the behaviors of your coating colors.

For further information on laboratory coating or paper testing, please feel free to contact Matilda Martin: matilda.martin@kcl.fi